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colossal head
——music for the massives——
we is, am, and are they who be the colossal head

colossal head was formed August of 2003 by Micah with the help of good friends Allyne, David, Brandes, and Shaggy. Some time after recording "the losing kind", Brandes left the group to focus on other endeavours. The band then took a short hiatus and regrouped with Pat playing guitar. Shortly afterward, Allyne bowed out, at which time Sarah joined for a few months before relocating. Grant came aboard to fill in when Shaggy's preventative schedule precluded shows. Pat joined the Navy and Grant moved off Colorado. Micah moved to Antioch with Andrew who started drumming for the band. Soon, Brent came along to fill in on bass and invited his friend Stephen to pick guitar. All members hold lifetime membership.

Their roles are as follows:

micah barnes  
writes the stuff for the band.
usually plays the things what have strings and keys
laughs at inappropriate moments.

brent blackburn Þ  
wrestles the funk into submission
likes to run and play
is rather clever

andrew guinn ¬  
beats on things
is very meticulous
likes his tv

stephen belden ©  

shaggy wray ®  
plays percussion.
sings a lot of harmony (real good like, too).
is a bonafide daddy.

david crockett ¥  
plays bass.
sings tenor.
digs sopranos.

pat gulley £  
plays pedal steel and guitar.
stays away from vocal mics.
does NOT look like jimmy page.

grant lambersome  
plays percussion
is pretty cool for a boy of his girth
aspires to aquire gainful employment across the street

allyne hart  
tickled the ivories.
sang the "pretty voice" stuff.
looked questionably upon the rest of the group.

sarah matzke §  
sings the soul sister stuff
is obsessed with music
borrows my caserole dish all the time

brandes holcomb ?  
original guitarist/mandolinist
currently finding Zen in the baseball


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