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What is "colossal head"?

co•los•sal head (pronounced k&-'lä-s&l hed) [n] 1) funkytonk 2) a musical group from Murfreeesboro, TN 3) any member of this group [adj.] 1) a folkadelic musical genre 2) having characteristics of colossal head [v] to become one with the colossal head [adv] to do in the manner of colossal head

Colossal Head began as a pet project for performing a collection of songs Micah Barnes had written while still with 27bstroke6. By comparison, Colossal Head is a technically simple group, focused more on the songs than the elements that make them up.

The Sound: [ fokadelic funkytonk ] Colossal Head is an approachable Sunday afternoon armchair rock'n'roll filled with sonic textures and wheelies.

Musical Influences: Brian Wilson, the Electric Mayhem, Roger Miller, David Byrne, JJ Cale, CSN, Guster, Beastie Boys, Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West

Lyrical Influences: Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Pirsig

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